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(Gwen, Aub & Dad sadly passed away)
Following is a brief outline of the Howard family tree. I have restricted it to a virtual direct line to our beginnings in Australia. The information has been sourced from the book 'We Are A Happy Family' compiled and written by Betty Bartley.
If you are interested in finding the full details of the Howard family tree, this book is a must.
John Howard & Harriet Norman
John - Born 5th September 1836 - around West Colville (died Crookwell 30th August 1919)
Harriet - Born 20th February 1836 - Essex (died Crookwell 10th December 1919)
John & Harriet married 28th December 1858 in Trinity Church in the Parish of Upper Chelsea in the County of Middlesex. The officiating clergyman was William Scott Moncrieff. The bridesmaid was Rachel Thomson, and the best man, William Williams.
On the 13th February 1859, John & Harriet left Plymouth on board the sailing ship 'Palmyra' bound for Sydney. This was the only voyage the 'Palmyra' made from Plymouth to Sydney. John was listed as an agricultural labourer and they travelled as government assisted immigrants, paying 1 pound each for thier passage.
The journey took 105 days and 280 people disembarked when the 'Palmyra' arrived in Sydney on the 27th May 1859.
For a short period of time they worked in Botany, before moving to Camden and then onto Foxground near Kiama. In 1867 they moved to Normanton.
Between the period - 1859 to 1876 - they had 7 children.
Norman - Born 20th November 1859 - Newtown (died Crookwell 21st January 1919)
John   (my great grandfather) - Born 13th December 1860 - Foxground (died Gilgandra 27th March 1950) married Mary Ellen Smith (my great grandmother) - Born 27th June 1866 - Jamberoo (died Crookwell 17th February 1897) John and Ellen had 4 sons. John's second wife was Mary Ellen's first cousin Charlotte Vidler. They had a further 4 children.
Charles - Born 14th July 1862 - Foxground (died Crookwell 10th November 1926)
James - Born 2nd October 1864 - Foxground (died Goulburn 28th April 1950)
Mary Ann - Born 23rd August 1866 - Foxground (died Crookwell 23rd September 1954)
Lucy - Born 17th January 1872 - Crookwell (died ????)
Adena Esther - Born 7th July 1876 Crookwell (died Lismore 7th July 1954)
John Howard & Mary Ellen Smith   (great grandparents)
Harold Charles    (my grandfather) - Born 5th April 1889 - Crookwell (died Wagga 15th September 1969)
William John - Born 2nd December 1890 - Crookwell (died Gilgandra 1st July 1942)
Arthur Clifford -known as Cliff - Born 3rd April 1893 - Crookwell (died England 4th January 1971)
Frederick Stanley - known as Stan - Born 3rd September 1895 - Crookwell (died Rockhampton 19th April 1977)
Harold married Berta Barden who died 19th October 1913 aged 26 years. Harold married Muriel Dunlop - Born 29th August 1888 - Queanbeyan (died Wagga 6th February 1969). They had 7 children.
Harold Howard & Muriel Dunlop (my grandparents)
John   (my father) - Born April 1917 - Gilgandra - died in Young 19th June 2010.
Nancy Gwen - known as Gwen - Born February 1919 - Gilgandra (died in Wagga)
Aubrey - Born 16th March 1921 - Gilgandra (died Wagga 21st October 1974).
Lorna - Born July 1922 - Gilgandra - Lives in the Binnaway district.
Dulcie - Born June 1924 - Gilgandra - Lives in Tooraweenah district.
Una - Born August 1927 - Gilgandra - Lives in Warriewood.
Winifred - Born July 1931 - Gilgandra - Lives in North Rocks, Parramatta.
John married Ruve Parker (born 12th August 1921 - died in Young 23rd February 2011) on the 2nd April 1943. They had 5 children.
John Howard & Ruve Parker    (my parents).
Robert - Born November 1944 - Sydney - Lives in Canberra.
Yvonne - Born July 1946 - Sydney - Lives in Young.
Colin - Born July 1948 - Sydney - Lives in Sydney.
Peter - Born June 1950 - Young - Lives in Sydney.
Geoffrey - (me) Born March 1953 - Young - Lives in Port Macquarie
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